You can get in touch with us through Github to report a bug or submit a patch, as well as on IRC or via our mailing lists.


Chat in #Etoile on EFNet.

Mailing Lists

If you are interested in CoreObject, please join our two main Étoilé mailing lists:


CoreObject is developed and supported by a two-person team under the Étoilé project umbrella.

Eric Wasylishen

Eric created various pieces of CoreObject including the SQLite store implementation, the collaborative editing support, and the object graph diff/merge model.

He's interested in software engineering and usability.

Quentin Mathé

Quentin is a freelance iOS, OS X and GNUstep developer, and a co-founder of the Étoilé project.

Beside CoreObject, he is the guy behind EtoileUI, a UI toolkit to rethink UI development and support the user experience ideas behind Étoilé.

His interests cover a wide range of topics, from programming language design to user interface.

We would like to thank all the people who participated over the years, especially Yen-Ju Chen and David Chisnall who wrote early CoreObject prototypes, and Christopher Armstrong who more recently contributed code and ideas that helped shape the current CoreObject version. We also would like to mention Nicolas Roard, Jesse Ross, Niels Grewe, Banlu Kemiyatorn and other people involved in Étoilé, who proposed early ideas, and took a role in CoreObject's birth in some way.